Etearnal is a line of tear shaped urns that symbolizes both tears of sorrow as well as the eternal flame.

Etearnal EXCLUSIVE are bespoke urns with carbon fiber body, complemented with inserts and base made from different materials.

Etearnal EXCLUSIVE is the right choice when 100% carbon fiber is not enough – it can be customized with side inserts and/or bases made from alcantara leather, concrete, walnut wood, teak wood, Cor-Ten, bar tape, stainless steel, titanum, or gilded aluminum.

The name plate can be further personalized with engraving of your choice.

As with Etearnal PURE, the monocoque carbon fiber urn body is made using our unique ACM technology, coated with 9-layer clear lacquer and an additional layer of ceramic nano coating can be applied (on request) resulting in perfect surface finish with deep 3D feel of fibers.

Etearnal EXCLUSIVE is a custom made for each client individually, therefore the delivery can take up to 8 weeks.

Price: Please, contact us for details


6.3×7.3×11.8 inch / 160x185x300 mm


2.4 pounds / 1.100 g


200 cubic inch / 3.2 lit


– Pre-preg carbon fiber
– CNC billet aluminium
– Gold plated inserts