Carbon Urns are premium and unique urns on the crossroads where innovative carbon fiber technology meets advanced, premium and unique design. They are made from the most advanced carbon fiber composites, which are processed using a self-engineered innovative Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology guaranteeing the products are precision-made, durable and flawless.

Carbon Urns are unique in every technical perspective, and designed with the same approach as the development in the automotive industry. All parts of the urn are hand made, assembled from top-quality parts, and custom made for Carbon Urns.

Here’s what makes Carbon Urns so special:

Monocoque carbon fiber body

The monocoque carbon fiber body is made using our ACM technology, which represents a breakthrough in technology and production – a special innovative technological process, developed by CDT Group, for manufacturing complex hollow carbon fiber parts without joints and adhesives produced in an autoclave.

Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology was invented by CDT Group which is the only company in the world that produces a high decorative finish complex-shaped closed-body monocoque carbon parts from prepreg carbon material processed in an autoclave using ACTM technology (e.g. a one-piece fuel tank for motorcycles).

This technology is directly applicable for fabrication of various one-step closed-body monocoques, where no cutting, trimming and bonding is required. In contrast to conventional bonding, ACM technology provides monocoques with supreme mechanical strength, chemical resistance and a flawless finish.

Autoclave was initially used in the aviation and space industry, but has eventually been integrated into other fields, such as F1 and motorsport, where top technology and quality are a prerequisite for safety.

Crystal clear lacquered carbon surface

The clear lacquering painting of the carbon part is the same process as used to paint Bugatti Veyron. Each part is painted in at least 9 layers to achieve the best possible surface finish.

The result is a crystal clear lacquered surface with a very deep 3D feel of fibers. On request, the surface can be protected additionally with an extra layer of nano ceramic coating.

CNC billet aluminum base and DNA compartment

The base, where the carbon-fiber urn body is mounted, and the accompanying DNA compartment are made from high grade 7075 aluminum, painted with Cerakote paint system which requires a skilled craftsman to apply it properly and maximize its properties and performance which is beyond any other painting system in the market.

Carbon Urns is the only urn in the market with a special compartment where you can store a DNA sample (e.g. lock of hair) of the deceased.

Custom made screws

All screws in the urn are custom made. Their design is purpose developed for Carbon Urns to fit the urn perfectly.

The urn comes with a special tooling with a TX30 head which you need to (un)screw them.

Inner velvet coating and silk bag

The inner surface of the urn is coated in velvet fabric, giving it a soft and pleasant feel.

The urn comes with a custom-made velvet bag for the ashes with golden silk inner surface.


Carbon Urns can be personalized with a custom engraving of your choice – a name, signature, or symbol that represents and commemorates the person.

RFID chip

Each urn is equipped with a RFID chip for identification purpose. Once the urn is made and the internal velvet coating is applied, there is no visual tracking solution available. Therefore RFID tags are used inside the urn, enabling a full manufacturing traceability as well as digital storing of “user” data (available on request as a product upgrade).

Safe and easy-to-use packaging

The packaging was developed in cooperation with Pulp and Paper Institute, Ljubljana, with the aim of offering the best possible protection of the product during the transportation and while being stored, as well as easy unboxing and use.

The foam used for the inner packaging is the most advanced high grade foam that prevents the scratching of the surface and protects the urn during the transportation and while storing it.

The unique design of the packaging foam includes jig like surface which holds the urn in position when filling it. That makes the filling of the urn with the ashes easy and without any potential loss of the ashes.

We guarantee that all parts of Carbon Urns and products are:
  • Hand-made and assembled manually
  • Developed and produced in the EU
  • Quality controlled against highest automotive standards
  • Custom made and purpose developed
  • Have lifetime guarantee
  • Authenticity guaranteed with RFID