Carbon Urns started as an idea back in 2014 when its founder, Gasper Ovcak, who had been working in a motorcycle and automotive industry for over a decade, realized that the carbon fiber market is well developed and competitive – but only until the point where racing souls make the final curve to the road to eternity.

He embarked on a journey of developing a new type of urn unlike any other on the market – the urn, made from high-tech carbon, featuring various inserts that can be customized to resonate with the personality and passions of the person for whom the urn is intended.

Countless hours and all of his knowledge from over 15 years of experience in the OEM carbon fiber industry have been invested in this top-end product, where each and every part of the urn is unique – just the way he wants to eternalize his legacy once gone.

Here’s how an idea has becomes the ultimate form of carbon – Carbon Urns, your legacy for eternity.

1. Idea

The idea for Carbon Urns was born in 2014 by the founder of CDT Group and it started as a simple sketch.

2. Product design

The urn was designed into a state of the art product by Gorjup Design. Over the years the product was technically improved to the standards of our brand – to perfection.

Countless tweaks and improvements were made during the development process before the final product was ready for production. A special attention was paid to improving visual appearance and functionality of the product, as well as options for customization so different materials can be implemented if required.

3. Mold construction

The mold master is made from aluminum using advanced CNC machining. The mold is crucial for the flawless production of a one piece – monocoque – carbon fiber final product.

The monocoque carbon fiber body is made using our ACM technology, which represents a breakthrough in technology and production – a special innovative technological process, developed by CDT Group, for manufacturing complex hollow carbon fiber parts without joints and adhesives produced in an autoclave.

The ACM technology is used in various parts production, such as fuel tank and monocoque tail for motorcycles produced by CDT Group subsidiary company Fullsix, which is the only company producing such parts with this technology.

Also the world’s first ever carbon fiber crash bars were produced using the ACM technology. The concept was introduced at EICMA, the world’s largest motorcycle fair in Milan, Italy.

The carbon crash bars were developed in collaboration with SW Motech from Germany for the BMW GS series. The product has generated a lot of interest among motorcycle OEMs. This was followed by presentations of the product at the manufacturers in their development departments in their factories.

Among other projects also world’s first full monocoque windsurfing foil was developed for RRD Roberto Ricci Designs which was the lightest available in the market at the time.

4. Aluminum mold master preparation

The mold master has to be specially treated in order to be able to proceed with production mold manufacturing.

The surface must be polished to perfection followed by the application of nano ceramic coatings to close microscopic small pinholes in the surface. The final step of the preparation is waxing which allows for the separation of aluminum mold master from composite molds once cured.


5. Composite mold making

Lamination of composite mold to produce light and stiff production mold. The ACM special tooling is not applied.

The process of lamination is very time consuming and only a very skillful laminator can do it. The orientation of carbon fiber layers is very important for the monocoque tooling design – if not all parameters are taken into account the tool will fail.


6. Composite mold curing in autoclave

The composite mold needs to be cured in autoclave in order to achieve its final properties such as stiffness and surface toughness. Why this is important? Read our article Carbon Fiber 101.


7. Final product

The final product is a premium and unique urn on the crossroads where innovative carbon fiber technology meets advanced, premium and unique design. Carbon Urns are made from the most advanced carbon fiber composites, which are processed using a self-engineered innovative Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology guaranteeing the products are precision-made, durable and flawless.

Carbon Urns are unique in every technical perspective, and designed with the same approach as the development of the car interior parts in the high-end automotive industry which must have an A+ (or AA) grade visual appearance. All parts of the urn are hand made, assembled from top-quality parts, and custom made for Carbon Urns.